Jay's Wicked Gourmet Sauces: Wicked Delicious

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Light up the grill and start igniting the backyard smoker because today we are TALKIN’ SAUCE!  Nothing goes better with roasted, smoked or grilled meats than a good dousing of BBQ or hot sauce. It’s one of the things that is signature to American culture and we love to embrace the combination of meat, fire, and comfort food. Some like their sauces sweet. Some like it spicy. Some like it smoky, mustardy, tangy, or even vinegary. Whatever your taste preference, PantryHound has a great artisan we would like to introduce you to that rolls all of the flavor combinations into one fantastic collection: Jay’s Wicked Gourmet Sauces.

Jason Green has been a chef for over 13 years which is an incredible achievement. Over the years, he grew a passion for creating unforgettable sauces in his kitchen. Working alongside his wonderful wife Shannon, this team decided to bring Jason’s sauces to life in 2016. Lightning struck when Jason was getting request after request even multiple times per week for a taste of his signature curated sauces. This was an inspiration for the husband and wife team to bring their special concoctions to the public. As a result, 6 unique artisanal flavors were forged for adding sticky, spicy flavor explosions to the tables of food lovers everywhere. Making their small batch gourmet sauces at their facility in the great state of Massachusetts, Jay’s Wicked Gourmet Sauces use completely natural ingredients with zero preservatives. They are now available for you to taste and smother on your next char-grilled burger, ribs, pulled pork, pasta, tacos and other favorite family recipes.

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For a sauce that is enjoyable on literally endless food options, try Jay’s signature original Barbeque sauce. Jay recommends it on everything from burgers to dogs to meatloaf to pulled pork and even mac & cheese! An incredibly versatile condiment with just enough smokiness and sweetness to bring greatness to meals. We personally recommend the sauce served with grilled ribeyes. Jay truly took his BBQ sauces to a completely new level when he introduced several variations including the much loved, Honey-RazBQ sauce. This is actually our favorite flavor of Jason’s creations. You’ll taste a hint of sweet berry flavor, as well as golden honey, combined with subtle smoky aspects of a traditional barbeque sauce. This makes the absolute best for adding to grilled chicken wings or even using it as a sandwich spread. We loved this sauce paired with roasted sweet potato fries. For those that hail from some of the southeastern states, you are probably very familiar with mustard-based barbeque sauces. Jason has got you covered with his Spicy Gold sauce Enjoy the golden color of this variation with a punch of sweet tasting mustard and smokiness.There is spice to this sauce as well that hits the back of the throat upon tasting. Excellent with various cuts of pork whether it be tenderloin or shoulder. Transitioning into more heat-dwelling realms, Jason has created a series of spicy gourmet sauces to completely boost the taste of your favorite recipes. For those that crave the taste of smoke and the power of heat, he has crafted his Fiery Chipotle sauce. Chipotle peppers are actually smoked and dried jalapenos! Their flavor is unique and very recognizable in cuisine, and those who enjoy its exquisite pronounced flavor know that a little goes a long way. Jay’s Wicked Fiery Chipotle sauce is sure to bring that missing element to your cooking. Great for Southwestern dishes and Mexican inspired cuisine.  Continuing on with Jay’s jalapeno theme, we’d like to introduce the unforgettable Green Rocket sauce. The jalapeno’s in this bottled beauty are fire-roasted and combined with secret hot sauce ingredients. Jason recommends this sauce drizzled over potatoes or eggs.  You will enjoy the garlic undertones in this sauce and we even recommend it as a marinade. Last but not least, Jay’s Wicked Gourmet Sauces offers the spicy of the spicy of all of their sauces. Completely pure Habanero hot sauce. This sauce will add a spark of the flavor of your next burger, chili cheese nachos or taco night. It adds the good burn you’re looking for in your recipes. All 6 flavors are available in the PantryHound marketplace for your enjoyment. Being imaginative in the possibilities of cooking is one of our biggest philosophies at PantryHound and Jay’s Wicked Gourmet sauces will add flavor and spice to your next creation whether you be in the kitchen or cranking up the heat outdoors. Bring Jay’s to your next tailgate party, beach-side barbeque or stay cozy inside for a dinner party with friends.

What’s also wonderful about Jay’s Wicked Gourmet Sauces is that each bottle comes in a 13.4 oz size. These aren’t little bottles that will run out in one use. You can get multiple uses our of each bottle which offers you more options to cook with! We are big fans of Jason and Shannon’s signature sauces and have been thinking of new ways each time to use them. Fiery, Smoky, Sweet and Satisfying.


Try all 6 flavors of Jay’s Wicked Gourmet Sauces today on PantryHound.com and get them shipped right to your door. Great as a gift as well for the BBQ or hot sauce lover in your life. Fantastic as wedding favors or groomsmen gifts too. Click the link to find these wicked delicious sauces from Massachusetts!  Jay’s Wicked Gourmet Sauce Shop